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A dental implant based tooth replacement is a very common dental procedure and a variety of solutions are available. Any of these solutions can dramatically improve your quality of life; such as enabling proper chewing and speaking, increasing comfort and self-confidence, improving your smile, encouraging the consumption of a healthier variety of foods, and ultimately improving your overall health. It is a very popular procedure by those that are looking for any of the benefits listed above.

Attractive healthy teeth play an important role in our general health and well-being. You look and feel confident, free to laugh with friends and family anytime and anywhere. There are many reasons why people lose their teeth, which can have a strong impact on your quality of life. Avoid this concern by having the tooth replaced and get back to smiling!

Another symptom of missing teeth is that it can cause bone loss and the jawbone to shrink. This is because the bone is no longer stimulated when you chew food. This causes physical changes to your face. Your jaw line shrinks, causing dentures to lose their fit. They often slip, cause pain, or even become embarrassing. That is another reason why attractive, healthy teeth are important for health and overall well-being.

Dental implants offer many advantages:

  • Act like your natural tooth root. As a result, your body accepts them.
  • Are made of biocompatible materials. These materials have been specifically engineered to interact with the human body in a healthy and natural way.
  • Your implant will normally last a lifetime with proper care and good oral hygiene. Ensuring proper care will help you avoid future tooth replacements as well.
  • Maintain natural bone, and minimize further bone loss due to bone stimulation – one of their most important advantages
  • Provide stability and comfort, for a wide variety of replacement teeth solutions.


These are some images of dental implant solutions available today:

implant dentistry 1implant dentistry 2

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