General Dentistry

Restorative / Preventative

Dr. Makrauer and Dr. Miller puts a strong emphasis on preventative dentistry as well as the early detection of potential dental problems. Our goal is to restore and maintain your teeth in optimal health at all times.

Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts is equipped with the latest technologies and training to support that goal. We choose conservative, non-invasive procedures whenever possible, including digital x-rays (to decrease radiation exposure) and non-surgical periodontal therapies.


Each Hygiene/Preventative Dental Visit Includes The Following:


  • Periodontal (gum) evaluation and therapy
    • We take a close look at all of our patient’s gums due to the fact that many dental concerns are caused by issues originating in the gums.
  • Local antibiotic therapy of gum infections (non-surgical alternative) if necessary
    • While surgery is necessary in some cases, there are many instances where it can be avoided. We’ll identify your ailment and recommend the best possible treatment.
  • Diagnodent™, laser cavity-finding instrument
    • Tooth decay begins at a microscopic stage but can quickly advance, causing pain and even permanent tooth loss. To help avoid this type of problem, Dr. Makrauer and Dr. Miller use Diagnodent™, one of the most significant advances in preventative dentistry in many years.
  • Personalized home care therapy instruction
    • A large majority of proper dental care is done at home which is why we like to make sure that our patients have an easy to understand routine to follow in order to ensure optimal dental health.
  • Intra-oral camera to assist in visual aids
    • By utilizing the latest technology, the staff at Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts uses an intra-oral camera to ensure that Dr.Makrauer or Dr.Miller can examine every part of his patients’ mouth.
  • Fluoride treatments (if desired)
    • Fluoride is a great way to prevent tooth decay. Teeth are negatively impacted by plaque, sugar, acid, and more on a daily basis and fluoride can protect your teeth from all of them.
  • Digital X-rays (to decrease radiation exposure)
    • Digital X-rays greatly reduce the risk of radiation related health issues.