Custom Athletic Mouth Guards

Did you know that over 5 million teeth are lost during youth, high school, and collegiate sporting events every year? These types of injuries can be easily prevented if these athletes wore mouth guards! However, athletes will choose to risk injury than wear a mouthguard because a generic mouthguard can feel uncomfortable and in some cases, even painful. A lot of athletes that understand the importance of protecting their teeth during sporting events will turn to custom-molded mouth guards.  These custom molded mouth guards are made to have a comfortable fit and proper protection when engaging in a physical activity.  Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts utilizes Glidewell PlaySafe Sports Mouthguards to provide their patients with the best product available!

Benefits of a Glidewell PlaySafe Sports Mouthguard

  • Custom fit to ensure optimal comfort
  • Different levels of protection to suit your activity and needs
  • Many different color options, including a “create a custom design” option
  • It is the most prescribed sports mouthguard in the United States
  • Can save thousands in dental bills in the event of a physical impact injury on the teeth
  • Shaped to allow optimal breathing and speaking during athletic activities

Glidewell PlaySafe Sports Mouthguards have an excellent design and provide top of the line protection. It is the most trusted sports mouthguard available. Most patients will turn to Glidewell Playsafe Sports Mouthguards when they recognize the importance of protecting their teeth during physical activities.

Don’t wear an uncomfortable mouth guard any longer! Contact Dr. Zola Makrauer or Dr. Julie Miller at Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts to schedule a consultation. Dr. Makrauer or Dr. Miller can go over the entire process with you and help you understand how the mouth guard will be molded. Don’t let the fear of a dental injury hold you back during your next athletic activity!

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