#1- Smoking

Smoking is terrible for many different reasons. It’s bad for your health and can cause cancer. Also on the very long list of the adverse effects of smoking is that it makes your teeth appear yellow. There’s no way to prevent cigarettes from staining your teeth other than quitting entirely.

#2- Red Wine

While red wine may have some health benefits when enjoyed in moderation, it can stain your teeth. If you’d like to avoid this, try drinking your wine with a straw and then brushing about 20 minutes afterward. This can potentially reduce the amount of staining.

#3- Coffee and Tea

Unfortunately, coffee and tea contain “tannins”, a natural compound that stains teeth. If you have a cup of either drink every morning, try brushing your teeth after instead of before.

#4- Soda

Dark-colored sodas like cola or root beer can stain your teeth. These kinds of drinks should be avoided or just enjoyed occasionally. Not only does soda change the color of your teeth, but it’s also full of cavity-causing sugar.

#5- Acidic Fruit Juices

Fruit juices like grape or cranberry can stain your teeth. The acid in fruit juice can also dull your enamel, leading to a yellow appearance. Try watering down your fruit juices, and always try to drink them with a straw.

To help avoid staining after eating or drinking, brush afterward. Also, be sure to see your dentist every six months for cleanings. Call Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts to make an appointment with Dr. Zola Makrauer or Dr. Julie Miller today. Ask about our teeth whitening services, too!