When it comes to raising kids, you must pick your battles. Healthy oral hygiene habits are a battle you want to fight, and it is easy if you start right away. Showing your kids proper dental habits like brushing and flossing should begin at a very young age. Here are the best ways to instill proper brushing habits for your children.

Be The Example

Your little ones want to be just like you. So, show them how fun brushing can be! Have them do it with you and demonstrate how you move your brush around and up and down. Show them how clean your teeth look afterward and how your breath smells fresh and minty. If they see you are taking pride in keeping your teeth healthy, so will they.

Make it Fun

Everything is easier when it is fun. Thankfully, the dental industry realizes this too. There are so many fun, colorful toothbrushes, and toothpastes on the market. Your kids are bound to find some that make them excited to brush. You could also incorporate singing fun songs into brushing time, so they know how long they should be dedicating to brushing their teeth. Kids always respond well to positive reinforcement, so colorful sticker charts are a fun idea as well. Allow your kids to put a sticker or gold star on a chart every time they brush and have fun incentives for them once they get a certain amount. Maybe even something like getting to pick out a new toothbrush!

Besides regular brushing, it is essential to teach your kids that going to the dentist is important and fun. If they see you are not scared or apprehensive about your dental appointments, they will probably be less nervous as well. Do not forget to call Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts to make your kid’s appointments with Dr. Julie Miller!