There’s a reason why your dentist always asks if you floss at your six-month checkup. Flossing is incredibly important for oral health, and it helps keep more than just your teeth healthy. Read on for more information about the benefits of regular flossing.

Removes Plaque

Regular flossing with dental floss removes plaque from the hard to reach areas of your teeth that a toothbrush sometimes misses. Flossing your teeth when you brush can make your smile brighter and shinier, as well as remove plaque and harmful bacteria from your teeth.

Protect Your Gums

By removing plaque that your toothbrush misses, flossing can help prevent gum disease. Gum disease is usually caused by poor oral hygiene habits. It also can be affected by genetics and other health factors. Gum disease is not just about aging. In fact, it can start at a very young age in some patients if a proper oral hygiene routine isn’t in place. Daily flossing is an essential part of a routine that can prevent gum disease.

Prevent Bad Breath

Flossing after meals can help prevent bad breath caused by food particles caught in your teeth. Most dentists recommend carrying dental floss with you so you can use it after meals, even when you’re not home.

Start Good Habits that Last a Lifetime

If you’re not a regular flosser, don’t worry, it’s never too late to start. By starting to floss regularly, you can create healthy oral hygiene habits that can last a lifetime. It’s also essential to set an example for the kids in your life. The sooner you begin to floss regularly, the better.

To learn more about flossing and what flossing products may be best for you, ask Dr. Zola Makrauer or Dr.Julie Miller at your next dental appointment. Contact Huntingdon Vally Dental Arts to schedule today!