Tooth extractions are relatively common dental procedures done on both children and adult patients. Although adult teeth are meant to be permanent, there are many reasons why someone may need a tooth removed. Crowding, injury, infection, or even gum disease are all common reasons for tooth extractions. Although getting a tooth extracted is not major surgery, there are still precautions to take so that your mouth heals quickly. Here are some tooth extraction aftercare tips.

Ice and Gauze

It’s important to leave the original gauze in place for about three to four hours after your tooth extraction. After that, no gauze should be needed unless it feels more comfortable. Replace the gauze every few hours and stop use after 24 hours. Ice can be beneficial for pain relief, so use ice packs on the affected area for 10 minutes at a time.

Manage Your Pain

Although the intensity of pain can vary, all tooth extractions cause minor pain for up to a week after your procedure. Your dentist or oral surgeon will recommend specific painkillers for your situation, so use them as prescribed.

Be Careful Brushing

You should still brush your teeth regularly but avoid the area where your tooth was removed. Rinsing and spitting should only be done 24 hours after the procedure to prevent dislodging blood clots.

Prop Yourself Up While Sleeping

Since lying flat can inhibit blood flow, use pillows to prop yourself up in a semi-sitting position when sleeping. This will encourage healing as well as prevent you from rolling over onto the sore side of your face while sleeping.

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