Oral health is essential. It is necessary to maintain healthy teeth for an effective breakdown of food. According to American Dental Association, the following is a list of foods that are healthy for your teeth:



Dairy Products
Most people are lovers of yogurt and cheese but never realize the benefits accrued. The products increase your oral pH which reduced the chances of tooth decay. Another advantage is the high protein and calcium content which are required for oral health. The low sugar content of dairy products is also a vital element.

Fruits and Vegetables
Not all fruits and vegetables are best for your dental health. In strengthening your teeth, you are advised to choose hard but watery foods. These include apples, celery, cucumbers, and carrots. They assist in removal of plaque between your teeth.

To many, tea is a beverage like any other that they should take regularly. However, according to Illinois University Dentistry Department, tea contains enzymes that fight oral bacteria. It is also a remover of plaque to prevent tooth decay. Don’t have too much though because over time, tea can stain your teeth.

Apart from washing the foods stuck between your teeth, water increases the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva regulates your mouth pH and contains enzymes that inhibit bacteria.

Nuts contain vital minerals like phosphorous and calcium that help in strengthening your teeth. They also act as soldiers that fight decay-causing bacteria. Also, the chewing activity increases the production of saliva.

Apart from eating foods that are healthy for your teeth, washing your mouth regularly is essential. The team at Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts can provide you with a comprehensive guideline on how to take care of your teeth. Dr. Zola Makrauer and Dr. Julie Miller are happy to help you achieve optimal oral health!