Not only is Dr. Zola Makrauer a dentist here in Huntingdon Valley, he is also a member of the ITI (The International Team for Implantology).  The ITI’s mission is to contribute to the dental profession by accommodating a growing global network for learning about implant dentistry. Dr. Makrauer’s goal is to enlighten his colleagues on the subject of dental implant dentistry in conjunction with the treatment planning process.

Dr. Makrauer is also a member of the Straumann faculty and is currently hosting dental implant residency programs throughout the United States.  While teaching at the Kornberg School of Dentistry directly on the clinic floor, Dr. Makrauer is directly involved with the students by helping them clinically as well as developmentally to understand the latest techniques that are used in implant and restorative dentistry.

There are a number of courses that Dr. Makrauer offers, such as the “Let’s Make It Happen!” program where participants will learn how to maximize the treatment discussion opportunities that occur during the hygiene visit.   Dental staff participating in this program will learn to develop processes that they will utilize to help increase their  case acceptance. There is also a dental photography course where students will learn the art of taking photographs of a patient’s teeth and smile and its relativity to the restorative process.  This course also teaches students the proper equipment to use and techniques used to achieve all of the accepted intraoral images for board certifications.  Another course that Dr. Makrauer offers is an occlusion and implant dentistry course  that is designed to help general practitioners understand the principles of occlusion and how to manage them when you restore a patient’s dentition.

Dr. Makrauer of Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts has been committed to further revolutionizing the world of implant dentistry.  Tackling his patient’s challenges and the satisfaction he gets from teaching other dentists have become his greatest achievements.