If you are missing a tooth, the longer you wait for treatment the bigger the impact it will have on your mouth.  Not only will it affect the cosmetics of your smile, tooth loss can also impact your oral health as well such as, shifting/drifting teeth, bite changes, chewing difficulty, wearing down of teeth, and changes in the jaw.  This is why treatment is recommended ASAP and a dental implant is one of the best solutions that can be completed within a reasonable time frame.

Thanks to advances in the dental field, the single implant placement process now takes approximately 3-4 months, whereas, the previous treatment process could take up to 6-8 months!

The process is simple and is completed within five to six visits. The process is designed to have a new tooth in place as quickly as possible while ensuring it is done safely and efficiently.  Those who are qualified can have a same day extraction and implant placement.  After the implant is in place, your first post op (postoperative) visit is scheduled to check the healing process and your second post op visit is made to check healing and torque.  Once those sessions are complete, your fourth visit is to create impressions for the final restoration or crown.  Then, on your fifth visit, the crown is connected to the implant.  A temporary partial or flipper as it is sometimes named, can be utilized for missing anterior teeth during the healing process.  A temporary crown can be placed as an immediate solution also. Implants that are not directly in the smile line have a healing cap placed until the permanent implant crown is ready for insertion.

Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts specializes in dental implants and we strive to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your treatment.  Don’t delay your need of a dental implant.  Call our office today to setup a consultation.  Your smile matters!