Our Sanitation and Disinfecting Processes

Hello Everyone,

We have been involved with webinars and workshops daily that have been supplying us with information on what our role will be moving forward.

Our office will continue to provide the utmost care and your expectations will once again be exceeded by what Dr. Makrauer and Dr. Miller are planning to provide.  This is for the safety and well being of all of us.

For the office and its operatories, we have added a complete office HEPA air purifier along with two high volume ultra oral suction devices, a fogger and multiple touchless hand sanitizing stations.

What does an extra oral suction device and a fogger do, you might ask?  The extra oral suction device extracts germs and bacteria from the air in each operatory to a near zero percentage factor.  The fogger is used as a secondary sanitizer in each operatory and surrounding work surfaces after each patient’s appointment.  The fogger is utilized following a complete and thorough sanitation of the dental units, dental chairs, counters and Xray units by hand by our team members.

In addition, you will see multiple touchless hand sanitizers throughout the office for your added convenience.  “High touch” surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day.  We will be asking patients important health questions before appointments and recording temperatures at each visit.  Temps will be taken with the “no touch” thermometer method.

We will eliminate areas in the patient lounge that you may have become accustomed to such as our refreshment and snack area as well as our periodicals section.  These areas have been deemed by the CDC as “high touch” areas and therefore, could potentially pose a risk of carrying unwanted germs from person to person.

We have equipped our team with advanced personal protection equipment (PPE).  You will see N95 masks being worn at all times in the operatories and adjacent office areas.  Full face shields will be worn along with the N95 masks and surgical caps and gowns during those dental procedures that are deemed necessary according to the ADA guidelines.

Our patient greeting area will have plexiglass shields or “sneeze guards” placed upon entering and exiting. There will also be a shield in our consultation room as well.  You may also see Barb wearing a mask and/or gloves at times when necessary and appropriate.  We will ask that patients come to their appointments alone, if possible.  If you must bring a family member or friend, we will ask that they remain in the car.  We will also ask that you alert the office when you arrive with a quick phone call so we can adhere to all social distancing protocol in a respectful manner.

These are just a few of the examples of how we plan to enhance protocols here at Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts to better serve you and promote your health and wellness while you are here.  We welcome your input as always.  Our priority has always been for you to feel safe and well cared for at each and every visit here at HVDA.

Please approach any one of our team members with questions, concerns and suggestions.  They will be addressed daily.  Your trust and our deep level of communuication and care will always be foremost in our minds as we move forward.

Looking forward to seeing you all again.  Barb has begun the process of rescheduling so please look forward to a phone call soon.  Thank you for your patience throughout this pandemic. We look forward to better days ahead….

Our Best,

Dr. Zola, Dr. Julie, Barb, Beth, Dasha, Betsy and Lana