Have you ever used a Proxabrush? They can be incredibly useful for cleaning in between the teeth and are easier to use for some people than floss. Here’s a closer look at a Proxabrush and why it’s important to add it to your teeth cleaning routine.

What is A Proxabrush?

A Proxabrush is an interdental cleaning tool. They are one of the most effective inter-dental cleaners available for home use. Replaceable brush heads are available for the Proxabrush that look like a mixture of a mascara brush and a toothpick. These little brush heads are great for reaching areas regular toothbrushes can’t and are more comfortable for some that have issues using dental floss.

Who can use a Proxabrush?

All patients can use a Proxabrush unless they have damaged or diseased gums. In those cases, you’ll need to check with your dentist first. Some people with little to no spaces in between their teeth may find it hard to use a Proxabrush and may prefer floss instead. Patients with braces find Proxabrush especially convenient since it can reach stuck food debris in the nooks and crannies of the components of the braces that a toothbrush can’t.

How Often do You Replace the Brush Heads?

The Proxabrush brush heads last for about two weeks. You can easily purchase a supply of replacement brushes to last you for months to even a year at a time.

What are the Benefits of Using a Proxabrush?

A Proxabrush is a useful tool that is essential for dental health and should be used along with your regular toothbrush and dental floss. Regular use can help keep your teeth rid of plaque and bacteria, preventing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

For questions on using a Proxabrush or any other dental-related questions, be sure to ask Dr. Zola Makrauer or Dr. Julie Miller at Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts at your next appointment. Call to schedule today!