A missing tooth can make you self-conscious and uncomfortable as you open your mouth. A feigned smile with your mouth closed not to reveal what your lips conceal will only make people suspicious. You could have lost your tooth from an accident or disease. Advancements in the field of dentistry offer you multiple solutions to your problem. Dental implants are among the best ways to have the gap between your teeth filled. The following are some reasons why the ADA recommends implants:

1. Blend With Your Teeth

Having uneven dental coloration can be unsightly. The color or size of your teeth could be different, which could make people think that your dental hygiene is sub-par. However, your dentist should be able to design an implant that is similar in color and size to the rest of your teeth, helping it blend into your smile effortlessly.

2. Compatibility

According to the ADA, dental implants are made of titanium which is compatible with the human body. Therefore, the implants can last for years with proper care and strict observation of a dentist’s prescription. The majority of precautions are given in the initial healing stages when the implant and your mouth are adjusting. However, after your implant has healed, you can resume your typical diet.

3. Long-life

Titanium does not corrode or wear easily. Therefore, you can be assured that your implant will last for many years. Dental implant therapy is known to improve the life of the elderly and save time for their caregivers since these implants are durable. Thus, you can rely on implants for chewing even twenty years after implantation.

Dental implants are the best remedy for missing teeth. At Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts, you can be assured that the dental implant restorations you receive will provide the look and functionality you are seeking. Dr. Makrauer and Dr. Miller are always updating their service delivery. Local anesthesia is used to ensure minimum discomfort during the procedure. You will also be given the necessary advice to assist you in taking care of your implants after they are restored.