Maybe you prefer a hot cup of coffee to start your day or a cold glass of lemonade on a warm day. However, a sensitive tooth could impact your enjoyment of such beverages or food. According to The ADA, sensitivity is caused by exposure of the dentin of the tooth. Unlike the enamel, the dentin is very thin and therefore, it is easily penetrable. However, there is relief if you suffer from tooth sensitivity. Below are some causes of sensitive teeth and ways to treat the condition.


1. Acidity

Acidic foods and drinks are one of the primary reasons for sensitivity. Citrus fruits and beverages contain levels of acid that are detrimental to your teeth. The enamel can be eroded by the acid and this exposes the dentin layer of your teeth.

2. Use of A Firm Brush or Brushing too Hard

The use of a firm toothbrush could wear down the outer layers of your teeth and cause sensitivity. Even when you are using a soft brush, ensure that you use a gentle grip while you are brushing. Aggressive brushing of teeth exposes the dentin due to a breakdown of the enamel over time. It is advisable to use the dentist recommended toothbrush to reduce the risk of sensitive teeth.

3. Tooth decay

When your tooth is decayed, the inner tissues are exposed. A broken or worn down tooth should be filled promptly to avoid discomfort while chewing food or drinking.


You should visit a dentist to get the necessary assistance if you believe you have sensitive teeth. In most cases, desensitizing products are used to cover the exposed dentin. These products require constant use over time before results are realized. The inner layers of the tooth are coated, reducing contact with foods or drinks.

However, if these products do not work for you, your dentist may recommend some procedures like bonding or surgical gum graft.

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