In an attempt to protect consumers and provide healthy competition, the American Dental Association has its own regulatory framework. The guidelines are meant to safeguard the interests of customers and ensure a level ground for different service and product providers. High competition in the market can cause exploitation of customers or even risking their health with harmful products. If a practice does not follow the ADA regulations, this determined to be negligence on the part of the dentist or any other service provider or product manufacturer. The following are dental standards that should guide the relationship between a patient and their dentist:

  1. Products

Before you choose your dentist, ensure that you are sure that the ADA recommends the tools that they use. The governing body of dentistry makes regular amendments to fit the current technological advancements within the field. The equipment is becoming sophisticated, more efficient and reliable over time, so it is important to choose a dentist who is up to date.

Apart from the tools used, the products should contain risk-free chemicals. Therefore, you should read and understand the ingredients of a product before using it.

  1. Information

Under the American Dental Association is a committee that is mandated with providing relevant information on software and hardware that can be used to enhance smooth running of the industry. The body ensures that both public and private institutions offer you satisfactory services.

  1. Universal Standards

The ADA acts as a representative body in international markets. Globalization has enabled the purchase and sale of dental products across borders. Therefore, American consumers can be at risk from the use of foreign products. The American Dental Association ensures that international organizations follow the American dental standards to operate in the US.

You are guaranteed quality services if you consult an institution that adheres to these published dental standards. Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts offers services that are beyond reproach. You can be assured of a positive experience thanks to the vast experience of Dr. Zola Makrauer and Dr. Julie Miller.