Proper flossing plays a vital part in having a clean mouth. It helps to remove food substances and plaque in areas that your toothbrush cannot easily reach. These places range from in-between your teeth to under the gum line. To receive the most benefits, here are a few ways to floss your teeth:

•    Regular floss
We all know about the typical type of stringed floss. They come in several types and you can choose what suits you well. That ranges from mint flavored, waxed, unwaxed, and much more. They are all effective and you can receive maximum health benefits from them, depending on the effectiveness of your technique.

•    Floss picks
Nowadays, these are the most popular floss products on the market. The pick holds the floss for you and it requires only one hand to use. Though they may be very convenient, they do not reach all the necessary areas. It’s recommended to use one for the bottom row for your teeth and an additional one for the top row because the small piece of floss is worn down quickly.

•    Waterpiks
Mostly known as dental water jets, these are electronic devices that use water to remove food substances and plaque from your mouth. This device also improves a person’s gingival health. It’s almost like having a professional dental tool for you to use in the comfort of your own home!

It is recommended to floss your teeth daily with any type of flossing product available. After all, any of them are worth more than nothing. Even if you brush regularly, you will still be prone to cavities and gingivitis if you don’t floss regularly and keep up with your teeth cleanings. Contact Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zola Makrauer or Dr. Julie Miller. They can help you with recommending the right floss for you as well as give you some tips on proper flossing technique!