Facebook Dentist ReviewsSocial media plays a large role in many of our lives. Sometimes even more than we think. For some people, it has even become a primary source of news which can often lead to a spread of false information and articles that are plainly not accurate.  You may think that “fake news” only occurs in relation to politics but it is important to us that our patients are aware of such possibilities when reading news about dental hygiene and dental offices as well.  For example, articles that claim flossing is bad for you that gain traction on social media sites should be taken with a grain of salt.  We even debunked this unproven claim right here on our website’s blog.

One of the best ways to find reputable dental information and services is by looking at reviews on Google and other review sites. By doing so, you can form your own opinion as an informed consumer.  When reading articles that you found while scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, it is important to remember to double check the sources or even try to find similar articles on the topic at hand.  Knowing where the information is coming from and how it was obtained is vital in today’s world as the internet and social media has grown to epic proportions.

One thing that social media sites are good for is mentioning dentists that are great and have exceptional services. This can really help friends and family make informed decisions about which dentist to choose.

If you have any questions or need further clarification on a specific dental hygiene subject, feel free to contact Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts!  We want to make sure our patients and any future patients are well informed and provided with correct information to prevent any falsehoods from being spread.  This is something that our practice takes very seriously and is very important to us!