While missing a tooth or multiple teeth is a huge cosmetic concern, it can also have negative impacts on your health as well.  Missing teeth can compromise your eating habits, speech, and appearance.  Since tooth loss leads to bone loss in the jaw, it can change the original shape of our face and cause a look of premature aging.  When a tooth is lost, the bone that previously surrounded the tooth root melts away.  When all of the teeth are missing, the facial structure may collapse as the jaw deteriorates over time.

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are a number of reasons as to why you should correct the problem.  Missing a tooth or multiple teeth may affect how you speak, and missing a molar might not be noticeable when you talk or smile but its absence can affect chewing.  Also, when a tooth is removed, the biting force on the remaining teeth begins to change.  If a missing tooth is not replaced, the surrounding or opposing teeth can shift and bone loss can occur around the missing tooth.  Not only is a missing tooth a health concern, a large space between your teeth, if obvious when you smile or speak, is a cosmetic concern as well.

Unfortunately, millions of people experience the difficulties associated with missing teeth, some of which can undermine their self-confidence and the quality of their life.  There are many viable solutions for a missing tooth, but most importantly it is something that should not be ignored.  If you are missing a tooth, call Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts to schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Makrauer.  We are more than happy to provide you with quality treatment and restore your beautiful smile that enhances your overall appearance and charisma.