Teeth whitening has reached a mainstream tipping point. Though it is tempting to try teeth whitening at home, there is an in office option as well. In office teeth whitening guarantees a perfect application that requires minimal maintenance.

There are many, many teeth-whitening products on the market. This makes it incredibly difficult to pinpoint the best teeth-whitening products. Utilizing an in office whitening system will effectively produce an excellent result.   As with all whitening systems, individual sensitivity is measured differently by each person that chooses to whiten.  Some report no issues and some report mild to moderate sensitivity.

Challenges may occur with attempting to whiten your own teeth. You must choose whether trays, strips, or toothpastes are best; then actually apply them in the proper manner. Those who have tried teeth-whitening toothpastes tend to complain that their teeth feel excessively sensitive as time progresses. Teeth-whitening strips can also cause sensitivity. They sometimes produce uneven results and may or may not remain on the teeth for the duration of the treatment.  If you’ve tried whitening at home and do not achieve the results the manufacturer offers, you may just want to move to a more probable and aesthetically pleasing outcome.  There are a few options that we offer here at Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts.

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