The immediate implant placement procedure is a very common way to replace a lost tooth. This process is performed when a tooth is lost due to disease, cavity, injury, or other ailments. In this procedure, replacement teeth are firmly and comfortably supported on an implant. Once you complete your implant placement surgery, then Dr. Zola Makrauer can give you the replacement teeth on the same day or with two days depending on specific situations.  This procedure involves connecting the replacement tooth or teeth onto your implants.

The creation of replacement teeth is a process that Dr. Makrauer is very experienced with. Everyone’s mouth is different so replacement teeth need to be specifically created for each individual patient. Dr. Makrauer will be present during the patient’s surgery to ensure that the tooth or teeth created for his/her mouth are molded perfectly based on the position of the implants as well as many other factors.

Amazing advancements in the dental industry have resulted in the creation of this popular option to replace lost teeth. Immediate implant placement after tooth extraction in performed in very selective situations, such as in the all on 4, or Pro Arch Concept. The implant is composed of biocompatible materials to ensure that they are naturally accepted by the body. Therefore, the body does not react negatively to the implant, and the new tooth or teeth created by Dr. Makrauer will feel comfortable and natural in the patient’s mouth.

If you are interested in the procedure, but still have questions, then feel free to contact Huntingdon Valley Dental Arts today! The staff is more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have as well as coordinate a consultation with Dr. Zola Makrauer. During the consultation, Dr. Makrauer will evaluate your unique situation and recommend the best possible procedure for you. Don’t wait, start the road to regaining your confidence today!